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Awara is 100% VOC-free, making your night’s sleep safer and healthier, in addition to being extremely comfortable.

If you’re not already familiar with the dangers of VOCs, they are volatile organic compounds, and you’re likely breathing them in while you sleep on most other mattresses. Benzene, CFCs, formaldehyde and other VOCs can create breathing challenges, nausea, and even damage your organs and nervous system. When you try out Awara, or one of our similar options, at Sandman’s PureSleep, you’ll not only enjoy the extreme comfort, but you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that you’re avoiding the toxicity found in common mattresses. Visit Sandman’s PureSleep to see why so many health enthusiasts are investing in this brilliant technology.

No Harmful Flame Retardants

Nature has always known best. The Aura relies on natural hydrated silica as well as organic wool to serve as an effective flame retardant. This combination works just as well as the chemical flame retardants, so you’re not sacrificing your family’s safety. Rather, you’re increasing safety by choosing natural alternatives that won’t harm you. While most mattress companies use chemical flame retardants, we received certifications for our safety standards without relying on the common toxicity.

Organic & Natural Latex

The latex used in Awara is unrivaled in both durability and comfort.

The benefits of Awara’s latex go even further, as it also provides some of the best possible support. While synthetic or blended latex are unhealthy for both you and the planet, Awara incorporates only organic Dunlop latex for your safety and support. Stop in to Sandman’s PureSleep to see and feel what a great decision Awara is for you.


Healthy Living Awara is for you.

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