Posh+Lavish Posh+Lavish Mattress Posh+Lavish is the luxury mattress gallery founded by industry veterans Kurt Ling and Steve Baumberger. Posh looking as well as lavish to the touch, Posh+Lavish build the most comfortable, durable, non-toxic mattresses available today. Shop Now Check Our Stores

You’re special, unique and health-conscious..

We believe that your sleep should be, too.

That’s why every single one of our Posh+Lavish brand mattresses is made by hand (yes, you read that correctly) right here in the US.  For a bed with this kind of precision and quality, we just couldn’t trust an assembly line of manufacturing machines. Instead, we opted for the honesty and heart that can only come from a human touch. Posh+Lavish relies on our incredible teams of skilled craftsmen in both California and North Carolina. Made with tremendous care, Posh+Lavish is ready to dynamically improve the way you sleep, feel and live. It is the ultimate expression of caring for our long-term health and wellness.

What is Posh+Lavish?

The Posh+Lavish brand comprises six all-latex models, designed to deliver an unrivaled and bounce-free feel with both Talalay latex as well as continuous process latex. Surrounded on all sides with supersoft pre-compressed, long fiber, medium course grade wool and knitted, all-natural cotton, our mattress collection offers advanced comfort without the added, harmful chemicals you find in other brands.

Each bed features extravagantly designed ticking, made from a Tencel-faced fabric that emulates horsehair for advanced comfort. Fully washable, these zippered covers are made for temperature regulation.  (Yes, Posh+Lavish has truly thought of everything to make your sleep experience perfect!)

Superior Sleep

Every productive day is the result of a productive night of sleep. That’s why with Posh+Lavish, we’ve combined the finest, most luxurious components possible, offering exceptional performance and exquisite comfort for the spine and muscles. Every Posh+Lavish mattress is pre-compressed to reduce body impressions, and you’ll ease into our quality mattress each night truly able to fully relax. Its unique design allows muscle tension to dissipate wholly as you maximize your opportunity to attain the deep sleep that your body needs.

No Harsh Chemicals

If you’re concerned about your health and the health of your sleeping partner, then you’re already aware of the incredible dangers that chemically-derived fire retardants pose to your longevity. When sleeping on a less-safe mattress, dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are breathed in, polluting our bodies while we are supposed to be recovering and restoring from a busy day. We at Posh+Lavish value safety and health above all else, and while we value the need for a prophylactic in case of fire, Posh+Lavish uses cotton and an abundance of wool as its four-sided fire-retardant solution rather than the chemical-based solution so common in luxury mattresses. Sure, wool and cotton are much more expensive than chemically-based solutions, but they avoid the harmful pollutants that most people are sadly breathing in, night after night, during their slumber.

Added Safety

Given the dangers and reported injuries from mattresses using fiberglass, we make the investment in a much safer and healthier option – Merino Wool. Merino Wool prevents skin injuries that have been reported from those using competitors’ mattresses. Additionally, our wool is also beneficial in helping to regulate temperature while you sleep.

Exceptional Mattress Covers

As mentioned above, our mattress covers actually feature Tencel™-faced fabric. Tencel feels similar to horsehair, but is actually derived from wood pulp. To get your mattress covers just right, it even goes as far as to rely on nanotechnology that is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and exceptionally durable. We don’t believe that your mattress covers should wear out, and strived for a longer-lasting solution. Other mattress covers don’t provide anywhere near the level of protection, longevity and nightly comfort that Posh+Lavish’s covers offer.

The Latex Difference

Posh+Lavish uses Talalay Latex rubber rather than polyurethane foam like most luxury mattresses do. Talalay Rubber is much more expensive than foam but is more elastic, resilient, and longer lasting. It delivers a unique, buoyant quality which relaxes muscles and relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day while you sleep. Made in the US, our cautious attention to each detail makes our finished product far superior to our polyurethane foam counterparts, and keeps pressure off of the spine by keeping it in a healthy alignment as you sleep.

Invest In Deeper Sleep

At Posh+Lavish, we design mattresses to help the world Rise and Shine. Start improving your health tonight with your luxurious new Posh+Lavish mattress. It’s the healthier, smarter, safer choice.

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