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It’s as easy as up and down. Rated the #1 number bed by TrustPilot, Personal Comfort is the brand that health-conscious people everywhere opt for. Elegance and comfort meet preventive health and durability with this elaborate line of number beds that adapt to your body as you sleep.

Health Benefits

Proper spinal alignment is critical for pain-free movement, nerve health, posture, balance, and gait. The more options a person has to get comfortable, the likelier they’ll be to maintain spinal alignment. The entire nervous system relies on having a spine that retains its natural curves.

All Personal Comfort beds are also made with certified foam components. When you see the CertiPUR-US seal, you can rest easy knowing that the Personal Comfort foams meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability, analyzed by independent, accredited testing labs.


At Personal Comfort, we believe in providing you with only the best, which is why every bed in our Rejuvenation Series is temperature-neutralizing. Our Rejuvenation Series number beds give you the ability to adjust your level of comfort and provide rejuvenation benefits to help revive your body throughout the night.

These Rejuvenation Series beds are made up of three important components: A copper-infused Energex comfort layer, an air flow comfort layer, and a support layer. The cover is an ultra-stretch, temperature-neutralizing, smooth top panel that includes our new, ultra-flex air chambers.

These models contain our digital state-of-the-art pump system. Personal Comfort’s 2-Zone technology allows total adjustment for each sleeper, while our easy-to-use digital remote offers the total package for easy personalization.

Greater Comfort Levels

Personal Comfort offers an incredible 45 different comfort levels. That’s more than double any other number bed we could find. Our customers enjoy more than twice the opportunities to perfectly balance their sleep position to fit their physical needs. Additionally, these 45 different comfort level options were created matching a standard medical pressure scale for a healthier, stronger spine and a better night’s sleep.

The Investment

We’re proud to offer this superior quality, comfort, and durability all at a surprisingly less expensive investment than you’d make with other number beds. At Personal Comfort, we’ve worked carefully to keep your investment cost low, while still providing a superior bed and a deeper, safer, stronger night’s sleep for you and your sleep partner.

Personal Comfort

Always Easy

Personal Comfort beds are forward-thinking when upgrading parts. Most parts and comfort layers can be replaced or upgraded. You can also add a custom build mattress topper to change the level of comfort to any Personal Comfort mattress at any time.

Adjusting your mattress is always easy, too: Our customers simply select their comfort point wirelessly with their smartphone using Personal Comfort’s state-of-the-art Bluetooth air control unit. Simply launch the Personal Comfort app, select which side you’ll be sleeping on, and start adjusting. We’ve taken the steps to ensure a hassle-free, highly-adjustable sleep experience.