• A Posh+Lavish mattress is the ultimate expression of caring for both our bodies and minds while we sleep. Our mattress is one of life’s genuine pleasures.  Posh+Lavish mattress is at the genesis of it all.
  • A Posh+Lavish mattress recognizes your spine’s need for long lasting support. As  your muscles need to rest and restore themselves throughout each and every night.
  • Posh+Lavish designs mattresses with a weightless and buoyant design that feels truly luxurious and is most unique.
  • Every one of our mattresses is built by hand in California and North Carolina by teams of skilled craftsmen.


    Posh+Lavish uses latex rubber rather than polyurethane foam like most luxury mattresses do. Rubber is much more expensive than foam but is more elastic, resilient, and longer lasting.


    Posh+Lavish uses wool as a fire retardant solution rather than polyester fiber with chemicals or fiberglass. An abundance of wool on all four sides of the mattress creates a rich, luxurious feel.


    Posh+Lavish uses cotton and an abundance of wool as its four-sided fire-retardant solution rather than a chemical-based solution like most luxury mattresses do. Wool and cotton are much more expensive than chemically-based solutions but cleaner to sleep on and better for the world.


    Our mattress covers feature Tencel™-faced fabric. Tencel is derived from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and exceptionally durable.

  • posh+lavish Restore-medium Quick View
    • posh+lavish Restore-medium Quick View
    • posh+lavish Restore-medium

    • $3,469.00$7,259.00
    • “In A Class All Its Own” Medium-Firm All Latex Mattress Wool and Cotton Fire Retardant Layer 602 Gram Weight Tencel-Faced Fabric OekoTex Certified Latex, Fabric, Cotton
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